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  • Crossmission understands that most Gospel channel providers are non-profit making bodies but have spent substantial resources in broadcasting and distributing Jesus’ good news. We at Crossmission have great compassion in providing alternative media FREE to these channels, so that their precious resources can be better used for their real needs.
  • Crossmission is a registered non-profitable organization in Hong Kong (charity number : 91/9969) sheer for licensing purpose, its set up is according to which was shewed in the mount.
  • Our mission is to distribute Gospel channels of different genres and languages via new media to every audience on the earth free of charge.
  • We are self-financed and supported privately by individual brothers and sisters who share the same vision with us. As such, we DO NOT need public cash donation and shall raise NO fund publicly to avoid probable conflict with our channel providers. In contrast, we shall make donation to those channels who are in needs.
  • Crossmission shall bear all costs of head-end server, storage and bandwidth as well as development costs etc., and only accept donation in kind from public such as old servers, old hard disks, bandwidth and technology licenses etc.
  • We welcome any Gospel channels to join but strictly with NO heretical content, we shall terminate and withdraw all kinds of donation as soon as the trust is breached.
  • Any channel/content/program remain the property of the respective channel provider and all content providers shall endeavour their best effort to ensure the program integrity and their compliance with local regulations.
  • We shall NOT interfere with the channel programs and shall have NO right to distribute the channel, either in whole or part, through any new medium without the prior consent and authorization of the respective channel provider.
  • We not only connect channel providers but also assist them to establish and maintain their individual identity, and share with our latest technology.
  • We shall keep exploring, developing and distributing into different nations, tribes, people and languages, and to the ends of the earth until HE comes.

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